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Film Camp



5-DAY CAMP June 26-30, 2017

Workshop: Saturday, July 22, 2017
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What Do students get?
This is a whole new style of learning with a hands-on, team approach from concept to completion, from script to screen. Students will actually produce "short movies" in small teams led by Hollywood professionals in a student-teacher ratio of approximately 4:1! We'll explore all aspects of filmmaking including concept, writing, acting, casting, crew, directing, cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, exporting, and distribution. Finally, we'll screen the projects for critique, evaluation, and celebration. Students should bring a laptop or iPad if possible

All other equipment and materials are provided, including cameras, lighting, dolly, etc... 
Also included are meals, snacks, drinks, and a custom flash drive with your own team's short movie.

Industry professionals have included: Arthur Anderson, Sue Silvestri, Dean Batali, Connie Fleishauer, Michael Sajbel, Amanda Nugent, Bobby Downs, Coleman Luck, Clay Banks, Rusty Rhodes, Jon-Luc Slagle, Scott Garcia, Jenn Gotzen, Jim Schmidt, James W. O'Keeffe, and Darrek Warfel.

Here are some comments from actual teens about the workshops:

"Amazing! We certainly got more than we bargained for!"

"It was AWESOME!"; " incredible opportunity! The world needs these meetings!"

"..I felt the primary benefit was the encouragement and advice from the pros!"

"It's so invigorating just to be surrounded by others who are passionate about film making for Christ!"

"This changed my life!"

Learn skills and techniques to make better films and shine the light of Christ into a dark and lonely world.


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